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DMPA-SC digital training resources for health workers and clients

By leveraging digital platforms, family planning programs can integrate new approaches that help reduce the costs, time, and inconvenience associated with traditional classroom training. PATH has recently developed digital training resources for health workers and clients learning to administer the injectable contraceptive, subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC).

A 10-lesson DMPA-SC eLearning course for health workers is available in English and French and can be taken on computer or mobile device with internet access. Content includes an emphasis on informed choice counseling, new lessons on calculating the injection date and conducting follow-up visits, and updated information on training clients to self-inject.

In addition to the eLearning course, PATH and John Snow, Inc. have developed short 5- to 7-minute DMPA-SC training videos for both self-injection clients and health workers. Available in English and French, the videos can be translated or adapted to fit in program contexts.

If you are interested in introducing DMPA-SC digital training approaches in your program, please contact the DMPA-SC Access Collaborative at

Publication date: March 2020

Available materials

  1. English

    1. DMPA-SC digital training resources for health workers and clients 179.7 KB PDF

  2. French

    1. Ressources de formation numérique au DMPA-SC pour agents de santé et clientes 211.2 KB PDF