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DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice Meeting Reports

The DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice meetings in 2018 and 2019 have gathered together family planning experts, including ministry officials, partners, and donors from more than 20 countries. Participants met to develop country strategies for increasing voluntary access to subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC) within a wide range of contraceptive methods and to inform related policy decisions with current evidence. These reports summarize the plenaries, presentations, and discussions held to inform country planning. For more information, visit DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice: Increasing access, empowering women; sign up for our newsletter; or email

Publication date: February 2020

Available materials

  1. English

    1. Second DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice Meeting | Dakar, Senegal | Meeting report (2019) 1.5 MB PDF

    2. DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice Meeting | Nairobi, Kenya | Meeting report (2018) 1.9 MB PDF

  2. French

    1. Deuxième rencontre DMPA-SC : Des données à la mise en pratique | Dakar, Sénégal | Rapport de rencontre (2019) 1.5 MB PDF

    2. DMPA-SC : Des données à la mise en pratique | Nairobi, Kenya | Rapport de rencontre (2018) 1.4 MB PDF

  3. Portuguese

    1. Reunião DMPA-SC da Evidência para a Prática | Nairobi, Quénia | Relatório da Reunião (2018) 1.4 MB PDF