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From Capital to Clinic: a resource for effective advocacy for policy implementation

Robust policy is critical to achieving improved health outcomes—but far too often, action stops once a policy is developed and adopted. Policies are only as effective as the extent to which they are implemented, and poor policy implementation holds back efforts to expand equitable access to health services. To translate goals into meaningful outcomes, every policy needs a plan of action, resources, dissemination, and adaptation. That is why PATH, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, launched the Capital to Clinic (C2C) initiative to examine bottlenecks to policy implementation and create tools to help advocates usher policies from development in national capitals to implementation in local clinics.

This resource, the culmination of the C2C initiative, looks across the policy cycle—from agenda setting and policy development to implementation and evaluation—and outlines actions that advocates can take to support the roles of decision-makers, hold them accountable, and act as a liaison between civil society, health providers, subnational stakeholders, and communities.

Also included is a one-page infographic summary of the tool—a quick reference sheet ready to be posted on cubicle walls, bulletin boards, and/or social media.

Publication date: July 2021

Available materials

    1. From Capital to Clinic: a resource for effective advocacy for policy implementation 585.1 KB PDF

      Tool for advocates

    2. Capital to clinic: a summary reference guide for advocates promoting policy implementation 59.5 KB PDF

      Summary reference sheet/infographic (also included in full tool)