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Basic Delivery Kit Guide

This comprehensive manual provides information about multiple aspects of delivery kit projects. Detailed discussions and practical work tools help programs decide whether they should develop a basic delivery kit project -- and, if so, how they can plan, assemble, distribute, and promote the kits. The guide is available for downloading as one large file or as seven smaller files.

Publication date: January 2001

Available materials

    1. Basic Delivery Kit Guide: Deciding Whether to Develop a Basic Delivery Kit Project (section 2 of 7) 304.3 KB PDF
    2. Basic Delivery Kit Guide: Planning a Basic Delivery Kit Project (section 3 of 7) 802 KB PDF
    3. Basic Delivery Kit Guide: Kit Assembly (section 4 of 7) 469.9 KB PDF
    4. Basic Delivery Kit Guide: Introduction and Background (section 1 of 7) 456.4 KB PDF
    5. Basic Delivery Kit Guide: Recommendations and Conclusion (section 7 of 7) 47.9 KB PDF
    6. Basic Delivery Kit Guide: Kit Distribution and Promotion (section 5 of 7) 467 KB PDF
    7. Basic Delivery Kit Guide: Sustaining and Evaluating Basic Delivery Kit Projects (section 6 of 7) 119.5 KB PDF
    8. Basic Delivery Kit Guide (entire manual) 2.3 MB PDF