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Baseline Assessment Manual

A complete understanding of the current availability of oxygen can enable precise identification of gaps within or across health facilities and streamline efforts to ensure accurate supply of needed oxygen delivery devices. The Baseline Assessment Manual provides operational training and related resources for those involved in conducting a baseline assessment of the current status of oxygen delivery systems and barriers to access. The manual consists of the main training guide and two supporting resources—the baseline assessment survey and the baseline assessment training PowerPoint.

This resource is part of the Oxygen Delivery Toolkit: Resources to plan and scale medical oxygen. The materials provided within the toolkit can be used together or separately, as needed. The complete toolkit is available at

Publication date: May 2020

Available materials

  1. English

    1. Baseline Assessment Manual 236.6 KB PDF
    2. Baseline Assessment Survey 52.4 KB XLSX
    3. Baseline Assessment Training PowerPoint 15.5 MB PPTX
  2. French

    1. Manuel d’évaluation de base 249 KB PDF