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Antenatal care provider personas

This set of two user personas was developed to inform service delivery strategy and development of new preeclampsia diagnostic tools, including digital tools, and explore perceptions related to taskshifting to self-monitoring. These personas focus on community health nurses (CHNs) and midwives, who have complementary roles and challenges in providing antenatal care (ANC) to their communities in Ghana, such as lack of supplies and limited infrastructure. Specifically, CHNs and midwives are currently responsible for diagnosis of preeclampsia and other pregnancy complications. Preeclampsia can be life-threatening to both the mother and child if care is delayed or complications advance to eclampsia; however, the condition can be managed and prevented with adequate diagnosis and care.

This human-centered design approach focuses user needs to inform product design and delivery strategies and was developed by PATH using a two-phased process. First, draft personas were created based on a usability study conducted by PATH and the Kintampo Health Research Centre in 2016. Observational and interview data were collected from midwives (n=8) and CHNs (n=10) from 11 different health facilities in the Kintampo North and South districts of the Brong-Ahafo Region. Results were validated and refined through secondary research and a follow-on study in 2020 that engaged additional midwives (n=15) and CHNs (n=5) from 19 facilities in the same two districts in focus group discussions and interviews.

Publication date: June 2021

Antenatal care provider personas

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