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DMPA-SC self-injection resources

By Sexual & Reproductive Health

A new practice in family planning is revolutionizing contraceptive access and use. Self-injected contraception is now an option with the innovative, easy-to-use injectable DMPA-SC.

Self-injection with DMPA-SC (brand name Sayana® Press) has the potential to reduce access-related barriers for women, increase contraceptive continuation rates, and enhance women’s autonomy. There is clear evidence that women—including women in low-resource settings—can self-administer DMPA-SC safely and effectively, and that they like doing so.

An increasing number of countries worldwide are adding DMPA-SC to their contraceptive method mix and including self-injection as one option women can choose. Senegal and Uganda plan to scale up self-injection, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Malawi, and Nigeria are in early stages of introducing the practice. And PATH’s Self-Injection Best Practices initiative in Uganda is identifying self-injection program approaches that work, informing policy and practice worldwide.

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