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Immerse yourself in a multimedia experience where you can virtually “walk through” an existing unit in Malawi that provides care for small and sick newborns. This virtual experience offers a realistic glimpse into the newborn care unit and its practices. In the virtual experience, health care providers give a commentary on how to successfully establish and scale the care of small and sick newborns.

This video provides a guided overview before entering the virtual tour.

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Navigation instructions

  • To look around, click and drag your mouse.
  • To move, click on the floor waypoints.
  • Click arrow icons to enter rooms.
  • Click icons to pull up multimedia content.

*Be sure your computer monitor display settings are set at 100% for the best viewing experience.

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Content icons are color-coded by country of origin.

Content Guide

Historical Perspectives in Establishing Inpatient Newborn Care

  • Scaling Up Newborn Care: A Global Perspective
  • India's Story of Establishing Inpatient Neonatal Care
  • Scaling Up Newborn Care: Ethiopia
  • Strengthening Health Systems: Rwanda
  • Strengthening Neonatal Care: Malawi

The Vision for Strengthening Inpatient Neonatal Care: The Future Perspective

  • Innovations to Reduce Neonatal Mortality: India
  • Leadership in Establishing Newborn Care: Rwanda
  • Strategies for Universal Access to Neonatal Care: Ethiopia
  • Touring a Neonatal Unit: Malawi

Country Highlights

  • Comprehensive Lactation Management Centers (India)
  • Family Participatory Care (India)
  • Financing and Scaling Newborn Care (India)
  • Health Care Worker Task Shifting (Ethiopia)
  • Pumani Bubble CPAP (Malawi)
  • RapidSMS mHealth Program (Rwanda)
  • Stories of Change Towards Ensuring Exclusive Human Milk Feeding (India)

Global Highlights

  • Before & After: Change from Investing in Newborn Care
  • Health Facility Layouts for Improved Newborn Care
  • Neonatal Care Training Programs
  • Specialized Equipment for Small and Sick Newborns