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Pandemic response
COVID-19 is impacting communities around the world. PATH and our partners are responding.

About PATH Digital and Data

Information is power—the power to overcome disease and illness and to make smart decisions about health services with the most impact. We develop and adapt digital health technologies that connect individuals, health care providers, and entire nations so they can take informed action to improve health and save lives.

Collaborating for impact

Who we are:

We are a global team of experts with decades of experience in using information and communication technology to solve global health challenges. PATH and our partners unlock the power of digital by combining our technology skills with our expertise in public health and health systems, market dynamics, monitoring and evaluation, and communications and advocacy.

We improve health system performance and financial accountability to drive better health outcomes. We serve as a strategic advisor to governments, donors, and multilateral organizations. We are neutral brokers in developing and integrating technology-agnostic digital systems. We are conveners who bring together technology companies, user-centered design experts, and donors and funders with country stakeholders to develop modern and sustainable digital health solutions tailored for the unique needs of each country.

What we do:

Too many health initiatives have been based on best guesses, not data. Lack of access to the right information can lead to life-threatening consequences: stock-outs of essential medicines and supplies, delayed response to disease outbreaks, poor decisions by health clinicians and consumers, and ineffective or wasteful health care spending. We support countries in designing the information and communication systems they need to help ensure needed health services are reaching the most vulnerable families and communities.

Our cornerstone projects include:

  • Digital Square is a partnership of the world's leading digital health experts from over 40 organizations and countries working together to strengthen digital health systems in emerging economies. This global digital health flagship is a PATH-led initiative funded and designed by the US Agency for International Development, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and a consortium of other investors. Digital Square invests in proven digital health software platforms and regional learning networks so that they are sustainably resourced and able to be adapted and reused in other countries and contexts.

  • The Data Use Partnership (DUP) is a Tanzanian Government-led initiative that is improving the national health care system through better use of health information. DUP aims to strengthen digital health systems and build local capacity so that everyone – from government officials to health workers to patients – can make more informed decisions, leading to a healthier Tanzania. PATH is providing technical implementation support to the Government of Tanzania to advance this vision. DUP builds on the PATH-led BID Initiative which empowered countries to strengthen immunization and health service delivery through improved data collection, quality, and use.

  • The information technology initiative for the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage. This PATH-led initiative supports country policymakers and health care providers working to bring universal health coverage to low-resource countries.