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Pandemic response
COVID-19 is impacting communities around the world. PATH and our partners are responding.

Tackling the toughest disease challenges for underserved populations

By Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access

PATH's Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access focuses on the infectious diseases responsible for the highest number of preventable deaths

All too often, vaccines against diseases that affect people in low-resource countries remain out of reach. Sometimes no vaccine exists at all because of lack of investment; other times natural market forces are insufficient to drive the development of newer, more affordable vaccines. Even when vaccines exist and are affordable, making them accessible to everyone—including the hardest to reach—can still be difficult because of various challenges, from insufficient delivery supply chains to a lack of strong immunization-related policy decisions.

We seek to fill these gaps by working on the most urgent needs—infectious diseases responsible for the highest number of preventable deaths—of children and women living in these settings.

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