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Corporate Partnerships

One consistent key to our ability to make huge strides across global health issues over the past 40 years has been our high-impact corporate partnerships. The corporations we partner with are innovative, bold, and focused on impact, working with us to address the world’s most challenging health problems and bring solutions to scale.

A flexible approach

Successful partnership models focus on the needs of communities and build on the strengths of each partner. Corporations turn to PATH for deep technical expertise, local insights, and trusted relationships across all aspects of health systems—from community health workers and local health facilities to ministries of health and major multilateral organizations. Working with PATH, our partners are able to reach new markets and build stakeholder networks around the world.

To explore how your business could partner with PATH, contact PATH Development.

A glimpse into partnerships with PATH

Additional partners

Additional partners

  • GSK

  • Tableau Foundation

  • Novo Nordisk

  • Cryptoluck

  • Pfizer

  • MSR

  • Wipro

  • Siemens Foundation

  • Serum Institute of India

PATH's partnership models

Shared value

Together with industry partners, PATH co-creates initiatives that deliver measurable business value. We tackle health challenges with commercial solutions that are not only viable—but also successful, sustainable, and scalable.

Employee engagement and workplace giving

Today’s workers are looking for ways to create social impact through their careers. We help by designing groundbreaking employee engagement initiatives. Through our unique programs, employees accelerate health impact all across the world. Our partnerships return real value to the companies we work with, increasing staff retention and adding a competitive advantage in recruitment.

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Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility programs have the ability to strengthen business and society simultaneously. Our social responsibility programs amplify a company’s investments in health and innovation. With deep experience across sponsorship, marketing, advocacy, and employee engagement, PATH designs powerful solutions that transform lives.

Corporate philanthropy

Many of our partners choose to contribute to PATH’s 40-year legacy of innovation and impact through donations of cash, products, and services that enable us to bolster our impact on global health and speed our innovations to communities. Corporate philanthropic donors are critical to our flexible, nimble approach. We value the generosity of our corporate partners and are committed to communicating the impact of these investments. PATH maximizes every donation and connects our partners to the work they support.