We demand action and investment.

Our collective voice has never been more important. Leaders from G7 nations are gathering for their annual summit in the UK. The agenda: a stronger global health system that can protect us all from future pandemics.

At PATH, we know that in order to truly achieve health equity, we must secure the support of policymakers to commit the resources and enact the policies that bring critical solutions to scale. Our advocacy and policy professionals around the world make sure change-makers have the right support and information to make evidence-based decisions that bring health within reach of everyone.

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From our head of advocacy

Now is the time

“World leaders of our most privileged countries have a responsibility to act now. We know what it takes to confront infectious disease threats. We are in crisis today, and without real investment, we will find ourselves here again.”

—Heather Ignatius, Senior Director of Advocacy and Public Policy

PATH’s advocates are demanding the following investments and actions at the G7 summit:

  • G7 members must agree to a Global Vaccine Roadmap to achieve global herd immunity as soon as possible. COVAX gave us the resources to vaccinate 20% of the world. Herd immunity requires 70%.
  • G7 members must support the policies and investments needed to vaccinate health care workers and pay them for their role in vaccinating communities.
  • G7 members must develop mid-to-long-term strategies to create more regional manufacturing for COVID vaccines.
  • G7 members must work to fully fund and implement the agenda of ACT Accelerator, which includes the development and distribution of diagnostics, supporting global oxygen supply, and strengthening health systems.
  • G7 members must invest now to prevent pandemics and infectious disease outbreaks of the future.

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