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PATH in 2021

In 2021, in the face of unprecedented, overlapping global crises, PATH’s new strategy provided the guiding framework for a holistic, inclusive, and equitable approach to advancing health equity. This new approach focused on strengthening health systems, preparing for emerging health threats, and improving lives with science and technology. Together with our network of supporters and partners, we worked in more than 70 countries to make good health possible for more people.

Here are a few examples of what we were able to achieve.
Real-time response during India’s COVID-19 crisis

During India’s devastating second wave, demand for oxygen was at an all-time high. Thanks to support from PATH’s donors, we worked with state governments to ramp up oxygen access and ensure long-term sustainability.

Why are pregnant people left out of vaccine research?

Pregnant people have wrestled with questions about vaccination for years, but COVID-19 has put the issue into sharper relief. PATH’s Katie Regan and Niranjan Bhat, MD, unpack this complex issue and call for more inclusion.

Does the world have the tools to inoculate billions?

As more countries join in the largest vaccination campaign in human history, one thing has become clear: a vaccine is only effective if health systems have the tools to safely roll it out.

Genomic sequencing explains variant spread in Zambia

Mirriam Chimba explains how PATH and partners use genetic analyses to gain insights into COVID-19 case counts and geographic spread.

Classic tech meets new science: How a chicken egg could help end the pandemic

Most low- and middle-income countries have still not received enough COVID-19 vaccine doses. Reversing this trend is vital, but to do so, the world needs more accessible vaccines. This is why PATH and partners are leveraging the chicken egg to develop a new, more affordable vaccine.

PATH Malaria: 2021 in photos

From attractive targeted sugar baits and new diagnostics to the World Health Organization’s recommendation of RTS,S (the world’s first malaria vaccine), these ten images capture PATH’s far-reaching malaria elimination efforts in 2021.

Everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy life.

We work on vaccines, drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, digital tools, and innovative approaches to strengthening health systems. Our team includes scientists, epidemiologists, market analysts, engineers, advocates, and experts from dozens of other specialties. Together, we develop, introduce, and scale up solutions to the world’s most pressing public health challenges.