PHC Tech

A platform that brings together promising MedTech and digital health innovations for challenges in primary health care.

PATH India and our partners are embarking on a global search for innovators and entrepreneurs in the health care sector with our newly launched PHC Tech Challenge.

We aim to contribute to the success of comprehensive primary health care (CPHC) programs by bringing together all the relevant stakeholders to advance efforts towards improving quality, access, and affordability of primary health care, and introducing transformative solutions/innovations that could be demonstrated and scaled.

The objective of the challenge is to provide a platform that brings together promising MedTech and digital health innovations from all across the globe to key stakeholders (government, health agencies, donors, development partners, private sector companies and providers, etc.).

PHC Tech Challenge compendium
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The vision

Multi-pronged strategies are needed to support PHC planning, management, and quality improvement, and these should encompass primary healthcare workforce, governance, system of procurement, supply of health technologies and medicines along with well-functioning health information systems. The idea, very simply put, is the coming together of different aspects of an ideal CPHC program like a human body, where each component is essential and exists in harmony with the other components.

Our vision through this challenge is to accelerate the deployment of near-ready solutions in public health settings to improve access to primary health care in India and similar low- and middle-income countries.

Focus Areas
Innovative MedTech solutions

Innovative MedTech solutions in screening, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and management of physical, mental, and social health aspects at the primary care level.

Digital health innovations

Digital health innovations including telehealth, capacity strengthening of health care providers and community engagement for increasing learning, knowledge, awareness, behavior change and participation.

Cold chain system strengthening innovations

Cold chain system strengthening innovations in temperature-controlled packaging, remote temperature monitoring (during storage and transportation), real-time data monitoring (temperature, data reporting) at the last mile for vaccines/ immunization and other pharmaceuticals.

Other technologies

Any other technology that improves overall operationalization of PHCs either by bridging a required skill gap or by reducing cost.

Program offerings

1. Showcasing of the selected innovations to key stakeholders (government, health agencies, donors, development partners, etc.) in the PHC space within our global and local network.

2. Opportunity to access PATH and program partners' support for implementation on the field.

3. Expert advisory to selected innovations in refining their operational plan, navigating the regulatory landscape, understanding national and global market dynamics.

Who can apply?

  • The program is for enterprises (Indian or global) and not for individual innovators.
  • Innovations in medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, digital health, supply chain and cold chain that address at least one of the program focus areas.
  • Products should have reached TRL-8 or beyond (where TRL defines the Technology Readiness Level. TRL 8 describes that the technology is proven, developed and validated in clinical/community settings, and TRL 9 describes that the technology has been applied in its final form and is operational with requisite regulatory approvals.)
How to apply
Process and timeline
Call for applications

The applicant will be required to submit an online application following registration. Only the applications submitted online will be accepted for further evaluation. No e-mail or hard copy application will be entertained.

Application deadline

Window for submission of application closes (midnight of April 22, 2021 (IST))

Preliminary Screening

All applications will be screened for eligibility checks and appropriateness for further evaluation of the application

Short-listing of Finalists

Communication to short-listed applicants for in-person presentation

Final Presentation

Shortlisted applicants to showcase their final presentation and pitch to an expert panel

Announcement of Selected Innovations

List of selected innovations will be announced.



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