Vietnam Respiratory Care Equipment Supplier Landscape

The key objective of this report is to provide an overview of the respiratory care equipment supplier landscape in Vietnam. This document was jointly produced by PATH and the Vietnam Ministry of Health Cabinet Office to provide buyers with a preliminary assessment of respiratory care equipment availability in Vietnam’s domestic market. For each type of product, the document includes a list of suppliers, general and specification considerations, and product price range.

Products covered in this report are equipment and consumables necessary for the provision of medical oxygen, such as oxygen concentrators, ventilators, patient monitors, pulse oximeters, and delivery interfaces.

Audiences who may find this report useful include local government decision-makers, such as ministries of health; health facility procurement officers; and global organizations, such as multilateral agencies. Information in this report could offer insights into product offerings, pricing information, and supplier capacity. The document may also benefit distributors and wholesalers of RC equipment who can derive a deeper knowledge of the competitive landscape for their services and potential market opportunities.

This market report focuses primarily on Vietnam distributors and manufacturers of respiratory care equipment. The information was collected between July and November 2021. Any information should be taken as indicative only and should be verified with individual suppliers by the buyers at the relevant stage in the procurement process.

Publication date: January 2022

Available materials

    1. Vietnam Respiratory Care Equipment Supplier Landscape 871.3 KB PDF
    2. Bối cảnh các nhà cung cấp trang thiết bị chăm sóc hô hấp tại Việt Nam 1.2 MB PDF