Medical devices and health technologies—technology updates

Technology updates provide the current product development status of the innovations our medical device and health technology teams are advancing. Each of these one-page documents provide high-level information covering health need, project partners, countries, funders, manufacturers, and the most current product development activities.

Technology updates focus on innovations in the areas of vaccine and pharmaceutical formulation, product packaging and delivery, and supply systems and equipment, as well as innovations aimed at improving infant, child, and reproductive health. A few of the technology examples include, The Ellavi Uterine Balloon Tamponade (UBT), the Caya Diaphragm, autodisable (AD) syringes, microarray patches (MAPs), solar energy harvest control (EHC), freeze-preventive vaccine carrier, heat stable oral tablets for diabetes management, and mRNA formulation innovations.

Publication date: January 2024

Medical devices and health technologies—technology updates 2024

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