Stronger Markets, Increased Access to Essential Maternal Health Supplies

Pregnant women in low- and middle-income countries have inadequate access to lifesaving maternal health products, resulting in preventable deaths when complications arise during pregnancy or childbirth. Healthy markets are essential to improving access to these products. This series of advocacy papers provides specific and actionable recommendations that advocates and decision-makers—globally and in three target countries:  Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Nigeria—can use to raise awareness of the urgent actions needed and push for positive policy change to improve the quality and availability of essential maternal health products.

Publication date: October 2017

Available materials

    1. Advocacy Recommendations for Bangladesh - PDF

      Hard copies are not available.

    2. Advocacy Recommendations for Ethiopia - PDF

      Hard copies are available.

    3. Advocacy Recommendations for Nigeria - PDF

      Hard copies are not available.

    4. Global Advocacy Recommendations - PDF

      Hard copies are not available.