Routine Data Quality Audit toolkit

Every data collection system is prone to errors, resulting from design oversights or human errors during data collection, processing, and transmission.

When used routinely, a data quality audit is one of the best measures used to improve data integrity once data has been collected and before it is used for important decisions.

This toolkit is intended to provide Data Quality Audit procedures and tools to assist users to:

1. Assess the quality of reported data.

2. Review the health information system processes that produce the data.

3. Develop action plans to improve data management and quality.

The toolkit includes the following materials:

  • DQA toolkit overview and user guide
  • Module 1 Data Quality Audit template (Excel)
  • Module 2 DQA data preparation tool (Excel)
  • Module 3 Data Quality Audit results data prep (Excel)
  • Tally sheet sample (Excel)
  • Facility performance assessment questionnaire sample (Word)
  • RDQA orientation agenda sample (Word)
  • Data Quality Audit report template outline (Word)

Publication date: May 2024

PATH MACEPA Routine Data Quality Audit Toolkit

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