Respiratory Care Equipment Market Report

This market report serves as a preliminary guide to available suppliers with capacity to provide equipment for respiratory care. It is intended to help buyers conduct an initial assessment of the supplier landscape for each product of interest.

The report covers oxygen concentrators, cylinders, delivery interfaces, handheld pulse oximeters, patient monitors, and vacuum / pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants. For each product, the report offers a list of suppliers, a brief overview of critical technical specifications to consider, and a product price range is included.

Intended audiences: Buyers who may find this report useful include government purchasers, such as ministries of health; regional procurement platforms; and global procurers, such as multilateral agencies. Buyers can use the information in this report to help inform considerations around product selection and deployment, better understand product offerings and pricing, and access supplier-specific information, such as quality and production capacity. Distributors and wholesalers who work closely with suppliers may also benefit from this report, as well as suppliers themselves, who can derive a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape for their products.

Publication date: December 2020

Available materials

  1. Chinese

    1. 呼吸道护理设备市场报告 1.6 MB PDF
  2. English

    1. Respiratory Care Equipment Market Report 917.5 KB PDF
  3. French

    1. Rapport sur le marché des équipements destinés à la prise en charge des affections respiratoires 1.2 MB PDF