Preparing for maternal immunization delivery: A project fact sheet

New vaccines given in pregnancy are licensed or in development that could not only reduce infant illness and death from high-risk diseases (e.g., respiratory syncytial virus and Group B Streptococcus), but also pave the way for maternal immunization as a broader, more integrated platform for new vaccines to come. Getting there, however, will require coordination across immunization and antenatal care programs in new ways. As such, a better understanding of maternal immunization systems readiness, implementation feasibility, and intervention acceptability across these programs is needed, particularly in low- and middle-income economic settings where diseases often hit the hardest.

This fact sheet describes a research project that PATH is conducting in Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, and Zambia to help fill these information gaps. The research is designed to generate country-specific data on decision-making drivers, feasibility, and health system/service requirements for delivering maternal vaccines routinely, efficiently, and equitably. Participants include national, sub-national, and community stakeholders across the health care hierarchy in each country. Results will be useful for informing the evidence base for new maternal vaccine delivery in Africa and beyond.

Publication date: November 2023

Available materials

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    1. Preparing for maternal immunization delivery fact sheet (A4) 290.8 KB PDF
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    1. Préparation à la prestation de la vaccination maternelle (A4) 167 KB PDF