People-centered primary health care for all

Primary health care (PHC) includes the most basic package of essential health services and products that are needed to prevent disease, promote health, and manage illness—covering about 80 percent of a person’s health needs over their lifetime.

That’s why PHC systems are widely recognized as central to the pursuit of health equity. At every stage of life, access to integrated PHC makes a meaningful difference in a person’s health and wellbeing.

At PATH, we bring together end-to-end system innovation, transformative partnerships, and evidence-based decision-making to help countries and multisectoral partners reimagine PHC—through a people-centered approach that gives everyone a fair chance at health and protects against health threats.

Download our fact sheet to learn more about how we are accelerating people-centered PHC.

Publication date: December 2022

People-centered primary health care for all

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