Oxygen Delivery Toolkit: User Guide

Oxygen therapy is an essential part of ending preventable deaths among children and adults globally. However, reliable access to oxygen, paired with pulse oximetry, remains inadequate across many health facilities in low- and middle-income countries for many reasons. Limited data, perceptions about costs, poor understanding of the impact on health outcomes, and the complexity of integration and maintenance across the health system all contribute to decreased access.

Scaling up access to oxygen is one of the most effective and critical actions decision-makers can take to improve health outcomes and save lives. The Oxygen Delivery Toolkit: Resources to plan and scale medical oxygen provides materials to help decision-makers, implementers, and advocates plan, manage, and communicate the value of scaling up oxygen delivery systems and access to oxygen and pulse oximetry.

This guide provides a summary of the toolkit resources, as well as intended users. The toolkit is available at www.path.org/oxygen-delivery-toolkit.

Publication date: May 2020

Available materials

  1. English

    1. Oxygen Delivery Toolkit: User Guide 677.3 KB PDF

      This guide is intended for use together with the Oxygen Delivery Toolkit.

  2. French

    1. Référentiel sur l’apport d’oxygène: Guide de l’utilisateur 710.9 KB PDF

      Ce guide est destiné à être utilisé avec le référentiel sur l’apport d’oxygène.