New Nets Project interim results (July 2022)

The New Nets Project was established with the goal of making the latest resistance breaking net technology more widely available to malaria programs throughout Africa. As well as managing the rapid deployment of new nets to partner countries and negotiating a volume guarantee to reduce prices, the New Nets Project partners oversee randomized control trials and pilots. The evidence gathered from these will be used to ascertain the impact and cost-effectiveness of the nets and support an appropriate policy recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO). The New Nets Project is co-funded by Unitaid and The Global Fund, with complementary funding provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID. The project is led by IVCC. This report shares interim findings from the five observational studies led by PATH.

Publication date: July 2022

New Nets Project Interim Results: Output 3, Evidence of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of dual-AI ITNs created and disseminated

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