HepLINK: Accelerating HBV/HCV diagnosis and treatment through community-based screening and linkage to care in Vietnam

Viral hepatitis affects 325 million people worldwide and claims 1.4 million lives per year, despite a vaccine and effective treatments for hepatitis B (HBV) and a cure for hepatitis C (HCV). In Vietnam, viral hepatitis is the third leading cause of death, with 8 million new infections annually from HBV and HCV combined.

HepLINK, a new PATH initiative in partnership with The Hepatitis Fund (EndHep2030), demonstrates a model of decentralized and integrated viral hepatitis service delivery in support of Vietnam's goal to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. This fact sheet provides an overview of the project and its intended outcomes.

Publication date: March 2021

HepLINK Vietnam: Fact Sheet

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