Global Fund Prospective Country Evaluation: 2019 Synthesis Findings

The Prospective Country Evaluation (PCE) is an embedded mixed-methods evaluation platform designed to examine the Global Fund business model, investments and contribution to disease program outcomes and impact in eight countries. The PCE generates timely evidence to support program improvements and accelerate progress towards the objectives of the Global Fund 2017-2022 Strategy.

This report presents findings synthesized across the eight PCE countries in 2018 with a focus on early stages of grant implementation, examining how the Global Fund’s financial inputs translated into activities, and programmatic outputs. Additionally, the PCE assessed objective data and stakeholder perceptions regarding grant progress, identifying key challenges related to the Global Fund business model, and the achievement of the Global Fund strategic objectives.

Publication date: June 2019

Available materials

  1. English

    1. Global Fund PCE 2019 Synthesis Findings 2.1 MB PDF
    2. Global Fund PCE 2019 Synthesis Findings (deck) 8.7 MB PDF
    3. Global Fund PCE 2019 Synthesis Report 2.9 MB PDF
  2. French

    1. FONDS MONDIAL – ÉVALUATION PROSPECTIVE DE PAYS : Synthèse des conclusions 3.3 MB PDF
  3. Spanish

    1. Evaluación Prospective de País (EPP) del Fondo Mundial: Síntesis de Hallazgos 3.5 MB PDF