Global Financing Facility Oxygen Investment Case Guide

Oxygen therapy is essential to treat a broad range of diseases that affect multiple patient populations. However, government officials involved in the Global Financing Facility (GFF) process are often unaware of wide gaps in oxygen access or of its capacity to improve health outcomes, particularly for vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, newborns, and children. As a result, many countries may be engaged with the GFF, but the GFF investment case is underrecognized and underused as a tool to support medical oxygen access.

This Global Financing Facility Oxygen Investment Case Guide describes how the GFF investment case process can be leveraged to increase access to medical oxygen and is intended for use by civil society and government decision-makers. Presented in this guide are practical approaches and actions that civil society and government can use throughout the GFF process to include medical oxygen both proactively during GFF investment case development, as well as later, during implementation of an investment case.

This tool is part of the Oxygen Delivery Toolkit: Resources to plan and scale medical oxygen. The materials provided within the toolkit can be used together or separately, as needed. The complete toolkit is available at

Publication date: July 2021

Available materials

  1. English

    1. Global Financing Facility Oxygen Investment Case Guide 330.6 KB PDF
  2. French

    1. Guide d’investissement dans l’oxygène médical à travers le Mécanisme de financement mondial 342.6 KB PDF