Evaluating the costs and context of ongoing HPV vaccination programs

Concerns about costs, vaccine procurement, and vaccine delivery are among the reasons that many low- and middle-income countries have not yet introduced human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. Reported costs of HPV vaccine delivery range widely, and most prior research evaluated costs during demonstration projects or vaccine introduction. PATH and immunization program managers in Ethiopia, Guyana, Rwanda, Senegal, Sri Lanka, and Uganda conducted a study that aimed to understand the contextual factors of HPV vaccine delivery in national immunization programs that are past the introduction years and to estimate their ongoing delivery costs, from the perspective of the health system. This brief provides a summary of the high-level results and key takeaways from the study.

Publication date: November 2023

Available materials

  1. English

    1. Evaluating the costs and context of ongoing HPV vaccination programs: Results from an HPV vaccine delivery study in six low- and middle-income countries 536 KB PDF
  2. French

    1. Évaluation des coûts et du contexte des programmes de vaccination anti-HPV: Résultats issus d’une étude sur la vaccination anti-HPV, menée dans six pays à faible revenu et à revenu intermédiaire 473.5 KB PDF