Electricity Planning Guide

Access to consistent, reliable, and high-quality electricity is especially critical for health systems that rely on electromedical devices for patient diagnosis and treatment. There are countless examples of facilities across developing countries that cannot properly carry out their work without access to electricity or that have lost expensive electromedical devices, lab equipment, and critical oxygen equipment due to poor power quality.

The Electricity Planning Guide is designed to inform country stakeholders on how to improve the way electromedical devices are deployed and used at health care facilities in low- and middle-income countries. The guide provides information on electricity availability, quality, and cost in selected countries, and includes recommendations for deployment of electromedical devices. Though the guide focuses on examples that are specific to medical oxygen delivery devices and pulse oximeters, the recommendations hold general applicability to other electromedical devices.

This resource is part of the Oxygen Delivery Toolkit: Resources to plan and scale medical oxygen. The materials provided within the toolkit can be used together or separately, as needed. The complete toolkit is available at www.path.org/oxygen-delivery-toolkit.

Publication date: July 2020

Available materials

  1. English

    1. Electricity Planning Guide 590.7 KB PDF
  2. French

    1. Guide de planification de l’électricité 630.3 KB PDF