DMPA-SC Self-injection Contraceptive Continuation Research Brief

Subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC, brand name Sayana® Press) is a new, easy-to-use injectable contraceptive that is ideally suited for remote access and even self-injection. This research brief describes new research findings that women who self-injection DMPA-SC continue to use contraception longer than women who use intramuscular DMPA (DMPA-IM, brand name Depo-Provera®) administered by a health worker. For more information, visit or email

Publication date: July 2018

Available materials

  1. English

    1. DMPA-SC self-injection supports women to use injectable contraception longer 223.7 KB PDF

  2. French

    1. L’auto-administration du DMPA-SC encourage les femmes à utiliser plus longtemps la contraception injectable 238 KB PDF

  3. Portuguese

    1. A auto-injecção de DMPA-SC apoia as mulheres a usarem contracepção injectável durante mais tempo 237.3 KB PDF