Current and planned vaccine manufacturing in Africa

This briefing paper describes a study to assess the current and planned state of vaccine manufacturing capacity in Africa, and provides insights into what is needed to develop a robust and sustainable vaccine manufacturing ecosystem.

African vaccine manufacturing is set to expand dramatically as the continent works to safeguard itself against future pandemics and disease outbreaks—but with so many new projects on the horizon, a clear picture of gaps and needs is necessary to ensure all stakeholders are aligned and investments can succeed.

This research can help stakeholders, governments, and funders better coordinate and prioritize development efforts, interventions, and investments.

Publication date: September 2023

Available materials

  1. Chinese

    1. 非洲疫苗生产现状和未来预期 343.9 KB PDF
  2. English

    1. Current and planned vaccine manufacturing in Africa 194.8 KB PDF
  3. French

    1. Fabrication actuelle et planifiée de vaccins en Afrique 232.8 KB PDF