Biomedical Equipment for COVID-19 Case Management: Malawi Facility Survey Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for oxygen and other respiratory care supplies and equipment around the globe.

In response, PATH conducted a biomedical equipment survey in 76 health facilities across Malawi. The purpose of the survey was to quantify the existing oxygen production and delivery equipment, consumables for administering oxygen therapy, bed capacity, and facility infrastructure that are relevant to providing respiratory care. Survey results suggest a significant scarcity of oxygen production and delivery equipment and supplies, limited health facility capacity and infrastructure to treat patients, and inequitable distribution of resources for respiratory care across health zones in Malawi.

This report summarizes observations from the collected data and is intended to help global and national stakeholders understand COVID-19 treatment capacity in Malawi.

Publication date: January 2021

Malawi Facility Survey Report

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