Autodisable syringe gap analysis

This document, current as of May 25, 2022, provides data and information from PATH's modeling focused on the global supply and demand of autodisable (AD) syringes, which are used for COVID-19 and routine immunizations in more than 100 countries. The current forecast indicates that, despite an estimated gap of 360 million AD syringes in Q 1 2022, production capacity is adequate to meet syringe demand in Q2 2022 through Q3 2023, due to the significant capacity expansions undertaken by manufacturers and slower COVID-19 vaccination uptake than targeted timelines in many countries. The AD syringe gap analysis combines maximum syringe supply capacity collected from manufacturers in Q2 2022 with estimated syringe demand from all countries known to use AD syringes globally, including demand for both COVID- 19 and non-COVID-19 immunizations. Three potential scenarios for AD syringe demand are forecasted to reflect the uncertainty in future demand; the forecast indicates adequate supply in all three scenarios.

Publication date: June 2022

Autodisable syringe global supply and demand forecast

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