Caya diaphragm, a new nonhormonal family planning method now available in Latin America

May 4, 2021 by PATH

Despite advances in access to and use of contraceptives in recent decades, millions of women in Latin American countries have an unmet need for family planning. Concern about the side effects and health risks of contraceptives is often cited by women as the most common reason for nonuse. People in Latin American countries soon will have a new contraceptive option—the Caya® contoured diaphragm and Caya gel—which expands the method mix and provides users with a nonhormonal option.

The Caya diaphragm is a single-sized diaphragm, which makes it easy to supply and provide. Caya was developed through a human-centered design process involving users and providers in multiple countries to be easy to insert and remove and comfortable for both partners. Reusable for up to two years, it is a cost-effective self-care product.

Currently, distribution partners have achieved regulatory approval for the Caya diaphragm in six countries in Latin America and will be introducing Caya through private- and public-sector channels:

  • Bolivia (DKT Brazil)
  • Chile (Dolphin Medical)
  • Ecuador (Biovanz S.A.)
  • Paraguay (DKT PARAGUAY S.A.)
  • Peru (Biofilia S.A.C.)
  • Uruguay (Sanyfico, S.A.)

Regulatory submissions also are under review in four additional countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. Since launching eight years ago, the Caya Diaphragm is now available in nearly 40 countries around the world, including Niger and Nigeria.

Caya is manufactured by Kessel medintim GmbH, a company with 30 years of experience in developing, producing, and distributing medical devices for contraception and sexual health. PATH and its partners developed the single-sized diaphragm to expand women’s access to affordable, acceptable nonhormonal contraception—especially in low- and middle-income countries where diaphragms have not been available in recent decades and there is significant unmet need for contraception.

Learn more about Caya or read: Revamped and revitalized: new twists on existing contraceptives.

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