DMPA-SC advocacy and communications tools: speaking up for greater contraceptive choice

June 18, 2018 by PATH

Family planning advocates can ensure that a country’s policies and funding promote access to all contraceptive options, so women can make an informed and voluntary choice. The Advocacy Pack for Subcutaneous DMPA was designed for advocates around the globe to help increase access to this new injectable contraceptive option.

Three smiling women from Sierra Leone

Family planning advocates can help ensure that a country’s policies and funding promote access to all family planning options, including the injectable contraceptive, DMPA-SC (brand name Sayana® Press). Photo: PATH/Doune Porter

Developed by PATH in collaboration with many partners, the Advocacy Pack for Subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC, brand name Sayana® Press) is a comprehensive suite of evidence-based tools. These materials may be used for both advocacy strategy development and direct advocacy with decision-makers.

The Advocacy Pack offers the latest information, data, and tools on DMPA-SC. Available in English and French on the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition website, the collection consists of 17 tools, including handouts, a PowerPoint template, and a photo bank of images to use in outreach efforts. The materials are packaged as unbranded, customizable materials for country implementers, advocates, and stakeholders.

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“My dream is to educate my children and build a good home for them. If I have few children, I can afford to feed them well, send them to school, and save money for land to farm and a house.”
— Husband of DMPA-SC client, Uganda


*DMPA-SC: Subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate
Sayana Press is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc.