Best of 2022: PATH's most-read articles

December 14, 2022 by PATH

From single-dose vaccine schedules to universal health coverage, these are the five most-read articles published in 2022.

Digital health in India

Mobile apps are increasingly used—in India and beyond—to coordinate care and manage treatment of illnesses. In 2022, PATH India continued its efforts integrating technology in health care. Photo: PATH/Mansi Midha.

1. The public health impact of a single-dose HPV vaccine schedule
After review and evaluation by a PATH-coordinated consortium, the current evidence supports the conclusion that single-dose HPV vaccination of the bivalent (Cervarix®), quadrivalent (Gardasil®), and nonavalent (Gardasil® 9) vaccines gives equivalent or near-equivalent protection to two-dose vaccination.

2. The world's first malaria vaccine and beyond
Following the World Health Organization’s  recommendation for wider use of RTS,S/AS01 and the decision by the board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to help fund its expanded use, Ashley Birkett, PhD, head of PATH's Malaria Vaccine Initiative, answers questions on the world’s first malaria vaccine and how it's informing our work on the next generation of vaccines and biologics.

3. Universal health coverage: 5 ways to get there faster
Universal health coverage (UHC) is what the world is working toward. It’s a future state where everyone everywhere has fair access to the basic health products and services required to live a healthy life. To accelerate global progress toward UHC, PATH and our partners are supporting governments and health departments in five key ways.

4. Zero-dose children: Reaching the unreached
Reaching unvaccinated and under-vaccinated children will require tailored approaches that address multiple and intersecting sociocultural barriers and economic vulnerabilities, as well as health system challenges to delivering immunization services through the primary health care system and WHO’s Expanded Program on Immunization.

5. Digitizing health in India for more effective and patient-centric care
In India, the government is laying the foundation for the national digital health ecosystem through the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission—a comprehensive digital health service. PATH is working closely with the government to support these digitization efforts and the development of feasible, long-term, patient-centric initiatives.

Perennial favorites

The five articles above are the most-read pieces published in 2022, but there are many perennial favorites still garnering tremendous readership—and offering invaluable insights. Here are just a few: