On the road to UHC: Unlocking new approaches, tools, and financing for next-generation health systems

December 14, 2022 by PATH

Primary health care is the expressway to achieving universal health coverage by 2030, but only about half of the world’s population has access to essential health services. Global efforts to expand PHC have been successful, but these approaches alone may not be enough to ensure equitable and sustainable access to high quality PHC. COVID-19 disruptions taught us how to establish more innovative, people-centered, technology-based health care. This next-generation model creates an opportunity to rapidly increase coverage, lower costs, and provide care that is better aligned with what people from diverse geographies and communities need and want.

In this PATH Live Forum, panelists will discuss the future of PHC, the role of proactive design, adaptive and differentiated models, use of technology, and new ways to expand diagnosis and management of health care needs all in one as part of re-imagining PHC.


H.E. Lia Tadesse, MD, MHA, Minister of Health, Ethiopia

Julian Atim, MD, MPH, MBA, Clinical Research Lead, GH Labs

Mayank Sharma, MPH, Senior Program Officer, Health Systems Strengthening, PATH

Radha S. Karnad, MD, Chief Medical Officer, HealthX Africa

Kimberly Green, PhD, MA, Global Program Director, Primary Health Care, PATH (moderator)

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