US Congress introduces Global Child Survival Act

May 14, 2007 by PATH

Just in time for Mother’s Day, members of the US Congress celebrated a mother’s most precious investment by introducing the Global Child Survival Act of 2007. A bipartisan effort, the act establishes guidelines and increases resources for child and maternal health programs funded by the United States.

PATH supports this important act, which emphasizes the critical need for improving maternal and child health—a globally recognized priority that knows no borders.

The United States was a key contributor to successful efforts that reduced worldwide child mortality by 50 percent between 1960 and 1990. However, US funding for global maternal and child health programs has since declined—by 20 percent in the last ten years. Currently, more than 10 million children die each year from preventable or treatable diseases, mostly in the developing world.

It is time to once again pledge to improve child health by expanding financial support for proven solutions to newborn, child, and maternal health needs and to ensure that the tools reach those who need them most.

The Global Child Survival Act of 2007 is an important step, not only for saving lives, but also for empowering mothers with tools to keep their children on a lifelong track towards good health.

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Posted May 14, 2007.