Stopping TB in our lifetime

March 20, 2013 by PATH

On World TB Day, solutions for a TB-free world
Four people sitting in a health center waiting room, three of them wearing masks.

We’re working to fight TB around the world. Photo: PATH/Nguyen Ba Quang.

On World TB Day, March 24, PATH joins our partners around the world in encouraging full funding and implementation of the Global Plan to Stop TB 2011–2015, a roadmap for expanding prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB).

TB is a curable respiratory disease that infects one-third of the world’s population and kills nearly 1.4 million people each year. TB remains the leading cause of death for people with HIV and kills more women per year than all causes of maternal mortality.

Working to fight TB worldwide

At PATH we’re working with partners around the world to put in place high-quality TB programs and ensure that communities are involved in decisions affecting their health. We inform global policy and enhance global partnerships to fight TB.

With our partners, we’re working to more effectively bring internationally recommended treatment strategies to more people. We’re developing, introducing, and scaling up technologies and tools to diagnose TB that is resistant to available drugs. We’re integrating TB with health services for children and people with HIV, diabetes, and other conditions. We’re engaging health providers across the spectrum and working directly with communities on critical activities to increase advocacy, communication, and social mobilization.

In places where high rates of HIV and growing microbe resistance to TB drugs pose added challenges, we are scaling up efforts to safely integrate services for TB and HIV and support the introduction of new diagnostics and other tools to better detect and treat drug-resistant TB, including multidrug-resistant TB.

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