"Something to cheer about" on ONE blog

April 9, 2010 by PATH

PATH global program leader John Wecker, PhD, describes his response to a pledge by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to make this the "decade of vaccines"

From the ONE blog:

I wanted to cheer. That’s how I felt when I heard that Bill and Melinda Gates want to make this the decade of vaccines—and to back up their words with a pledge of $10 billion. I wanted to cheer not so much for the Gateses, though they deserve it, but for all the precious children I have met throughout Africa and Asia whose lives depend on getting the vaccines that prevent some of the world’s most deadly diseases.

How can we make good on turning the Gates’ generous commitment into effective action? . . .

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John Wecker leads PATH's Vaccine Access and Delivery Program.

Posted April 9, 2010.