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June 7, 2010 by PATH

The Pacific Health Summit gathers leaders from varied fields to improve health for mothers and babies

At the Pacific Health Summit this month, PATH staff members will join a diverse group of leaders in science, industry, and policymaking in an effort to ensure good health for mothers and babies across the globe.

The annual summit brings together decision-makers in a range of specialties to focus on an issue of critical importance to health. At the 2010 summit, held June 22 through June 24 in London, participants from the worlds of business, medicine, public health, and public policy will consider challenges and potential solutions in maternal and newborn health.

Looking for creative answers

The Pacific Health Summit provides an opportunity to seek support for accelerating the development and delivery of appropriate, affordable technologies with potential to improve health in the most remote areas, such as vaccines against deadly childhood diseases. It also gives participants the chance to advocate for increased access to proven tools and interventions, including efforts to strengthen health systems. The conference also promotes integrated approaches to improving maternal, newborn, and child health by focusing on factors that contribute to good health, such as improved nutrition and access to safe water. 

PATH at the summit

PATH staff members attending the 2010 Pacific Health Summit include Dr. Christopher J. Elias, president and CEO; Scott Jackson, vice president for External Relations; and Catharine Taylor, leader of PATH’s Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Global Program. Dr. Elias will serve as moderator at a working breakfast focusing on creative businesses and technologies with the potential to improve health for mothers and babies.

PATH is a supporting organization of the Pacific Health Summit.

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