PATH's work in TIME magazine

November 8, 2005 by PATH

PATH’s work is sprinkled throughout the pages of the November 7, 2005, issue of TIME magazine. The special issue on global health juxtaposes the world’s most pressing health issues with people and strategies that inspire hope. “Maybe after all we’ve seen and heard and feared this year,” writes TIME author Nancy Gibbs, “something will be different this holiday season. Maybe instead of buying Aunt Margaret a sweater, we’ll buy a goat...We’ll find a mission. Raise the money. Raise an army. Save a life.”

The issue contains a compelling photo essay and a roundup of global health challenges, innovations—including a few of PATH’s own—and heroes. A centerfold displays maps, charts, a timeline, and tips on how individuals can help reduce suffering around the world.

Vaccine vial monitorsthe Uniject™ device (or “one shot,” as the magazine calls it), a vaccine for malaria, and bednets for malaria control are among the PATH activities described.

Just in time for Global Health Month, the issue coincides with Rx for Survival, a national campaign to focus America’s attention on the world’s greatest health challenges. TIME is a sponsor of the campaign, which includes a Global Health Summit and a PBS series narrated by Brad Pitt.

Uniject is a trademark of BD.

Posted November 8, 2005.