PATH's ongoing impact in global health recognized by The Tech Awards' 2016 Laureate Impact Award

November 10, 2016 by PATH

PATH is honored to receive the prestigious 2016 Laureate Impact Award as a leader in solving global health problems for 40 years—from idea to impact

Kate Davidson, Media Relations: 206.302.4637

San Francisco, November 10, 2016—The Tech Awards, an internationally renowned event hosted each year by The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA, has selected global health nonprofit PATH as the recipient of the 2016 Laureate Impact Award. The laureate program was created to celebrate and support social entrepreneurs and organizations from around the world that are using innovative technologies to solve global problems in truly extraordinary ways.

"PATH is deeply honored to be recognized for advancing technologies with immense potential to benefit humanity," said Steve Davis, president and CEO of PATH. "By shining a spotlight on the often quiet work of innovation, The Tech Awards are a force for change."

Since receiving Tech Awards for the Uniject™ injection system in 2003, the vaccine vial monitor in 2007, and Ultra Rice® fortification technology in 2009, PATH has continued to expand its project portfolio, partnership model, and ability to scale. Our organization has grown to include nearly 1,500 employees, the majority of whom are local in-country hires, and we have developed and deepened partnerships with more than 2,000 organizations around the world. During the past five years, PATH and our partners have improved the lives of an average of 150 million people each year.

The cumulative impact of PATH's work can been seen in public–private partnerships like the MenAfriVac® vaccine project, which produced the first made-for-Africa vaccine at a price point of US$0.50 per dose. The MenAfriVac® vaccine has protected more than 235 million people in 16 countries since its introduction in 2010. By 2020, the vaccine is expected to reach 400 million people and prevent 1 million cases of meningitis A.

In order to accelerate momentum toward global health equity, PATH created two new centers employing cross-sector collaboration. The PATH Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access accelerates the development and introduction of lifesaving vaccines for the most vulnerable populations around the world. Our Center for Malaria Control and Elimination, formed in 2015 with global partners, works toward the elimination of malaria by promoting national policies and practices to expand the use of existing tools and scale up emerging solutions. More than 6.2 million people have been saved since 2000 thanks to PATH-pioneered approaches to malaria elimination.

As the global health landscape continues to change, PATH is adapting to address emerging challenges such as chronic diseases and epidemic response, and we are driving innovative solutions through the use of digital and mobile technologies. Since our last Tech Award in 2009, our programs have expanded to include noncommunicable diseases (adding a focus on hypertension and diabetes), disease elimination (malaria), and digital health solutions. We have also established two Global Health Innovation Hubs—in India and South Africa—to foster in-country innovation.

From the start, partnership has been central to fulfilling PATH's mission. Over the past six years, we have built on a foundation of long-standing relationships, successfully expanding our 40-year model of cross-sector global collaboration. Our partners range from entrepreneurs and village councils to national health ministries, pharmaceutical manufacturers, donors, and international financing and regulatory organizations. Together we mobilize across borders, sectors, and disciplines to help eradicate disease.

"As PATH accepts the 2016 Laureate Impact Award, we are excited for the opportunity to deepen our relationships in the Bay Area, a region leading the world in innovation and technology," said Steve Davis. "PATH has unparalleled expertise in applying both areas to the urgent issue of health inequity—and the experience, partnerships, and global footprint to ensure that ideas with promise become solutions with impact."