PATH names director of Digital Health Solutions

March 7, 2014 by PATH

Katherine Wilson will oversee digital health strategy and implementation

PATH has named Katherine (Kate) Wilson to lead its Digital Health Solutions group. Wilson will build on PATH's work using innovative digital technologies to develop and improve health solutions worldwide. In addition, she will serve as a global thought leader on digital health and will establish, maintain, and build connections with stakeholders and partners around the world for PATH.

PATH's Digital Health Solutions group strengthens health system performance through the design and deployment of effective, scalable, and sustainable digital health solutions and by encouraging use of those systems to impact health. As director, Wilson oversees strategies that support internal demands for information technology applications across PATH's broad program areas. She and her group will also build a platform for externally driven projects and activities to support governments, industry, nongovernmental organizations, and others.

Wilson assumed the role of director on March 1. She is based in PATH's Seattle headquarters.

A leader in health management information systems

Most recently, Wilson served as interim group leader for the Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) team at PATH. In that role, she led several projects, including a multipartner international consortium promoting universal health care coverage through a peer learning network in Asia and Africa. She also serves as a senior advisor to the Better Immunization Data (BID) Initiative, which supports low-resource African countries interested in improving their BID Initiative, information system products, policies, and practices for data quality, collection, and use. The BID Initiative is one of the first and largest data management projects of its kind, bringing together on-the-ground knowledge of immunization programs with a focus on eHealth, data quality, and use issues.

Prior to cofounding the HMIS team in 2008, Wilson worked in a strategic planning and business development role for several PATH groups and teams.

International trade, Xbox, and global health

Before coming to PATH, Wilson served as president of the Washington Council on International Trade and held several positions with Microsoft, where she worked in new market entry strategy for China and India and global new product development for Xbox. Wilson was the ninth employee hired for the Xbox Live team and the first hired to help develop that product's design and global launch strategy. In 2000, she led the launch of the Xbox service in nine European markets. She returned to the United States in 2003 to head a worldwide broadband team that negotiated more than 100 deals with telecommunications companies in 24 markets.

Wilson has also worked in international consulting roles for General Electric and Intel and was the director for Indonesia at a Washington, DC—based trade association. She holds a BA in international relations from the College of William and Mary, as well as an MA in Southeast Asian Studies and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Posted March 7, 2014.