PATH at conferences for family physicians

September 27, 2006 by PATH

Dr. Christopher Elias, PATH’s president, and Dr. James Litch, a maternal, newborn, and child health specialist at PATH, participated in two conferences for family physicians held at the University of Washington in Seattle this September. More than 400 rural health leaders, family physicians, and experts from more than 20 countries attended the meetings.

Dr. Elias took part in the 34th annual Advances in Family Practice and Primary Care conference. For the first time in its history, the conference included a focus on global health. During the opening session, Dr. Elias set the stage for the topic in his keynote speech, entitled “Global Health: Can We Bring It Within Reach For Everyone?”

Dr. Litch participated in the related World Organization of Family Physicians (Wonca) Rural Health conference. During the opening session, Dr. Litch and representatives from the Washington State Department of Health, the University of Washington’s International Health Program, and the University of Lagos, Nigeria, discussed ongoing issues that affect the health of rural populations around the world. Dr. Litch’s presentation, titled “Global Initiatives in Rural Health,” addressed the critical health workforce shortage found in low-income countries, particularly in rural areas.