Now is the time

March 13, 2013 by PATH

New video highlights importance of strengthening vaccine supply and logistics systems

Recent advances in vaccine science have enabled more countries to provide newer, lifesaving vaccines to more people. However, the impact of these vaccines is often constrained by delays and vaccine waste due to stressed and aging vaccine supply and logistics systems. To harness the power of new vaccines, a new video from Optimize argues, it is critical to upgrade and strengthen vaccine supply and logistics systems throughout the world.

The new video shows the growing challenges of maintaining reliable vaccine supply and logistics systems and offers potential solutions.

Titled Now Is the Time, the video illustrates the immediate need for all immunization partners to support countries as they embark on meaningful changes in their vaccine supply systems and prepare for the introduction of new and lifesaving vaccines.

Optimize, a collaboration between PATH and the World Health Organization with support from many other partners, has begun to demonstrate and document the impact of new technologies, systems, and approaches on supply system efficiency. These partners have agreed on a global vision to improve vaccine supply and logistics by 2020.

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