Dr. Kent Campbell of PATH becomes president of tropical medicine society

November 16, 2006 by PATH

Dr. Carlos C. (Kent) Campbell, director of the Malaria Control and Evaluation Partnership in Africa (MACEPA) at PATH, today assumes the presidency of the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH). “We are delighted to have Dr. Campbell at the helm of ASTMH for the coming year. He brings a seasoned, pragmatic perspective to leadership, and we look forward to an ambitious and productive year,” said Ms. Sally Finney, executive director of ASTMH. PATH president Dr. Chris Elias said, “Dr. Campbell’s new role leading ASTMH will certainly strengthen our already robust relationship with the Society.”

The ASTMH is the principal organization in the United States representing scientists, clinicians, and others with interests in the prevention and control of tropical diseases through research and education. Dr. Campbell, the MACEPA director since 2004, has more than 30 years of leadership experience in malaria control and international public health. He is a leading authority on malaria control and therapy, with a focus on Africa. Among many posts, he spent most of his 21 years at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as chief of the malaria branch and has been the senior malaria advisor to UNICEF. He led the development of the University of Arizona College of Public Health and served as the interim dean.

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