7th International Conference on Microneedles

February 7, 2023 by PATH

PATH is excited to announce the 7th International Conference on Microneedles will be held May 15 through 17, 2023, in Seattle, Washington.

This in-person conference will bring together researchers, scientists, public health leaders, and industry experts from across the globe focused on the development of microneedle-based patches and injection devices for vaccine and pharmaceutical delivery, as well as other applications of microneedles such as for diagnostics and sensors.

Registration is now open! Early bird discounts are available for those registering by February 28, 2023. Join this unique, bi-annual international forum featuring sessions that take a deep look at technical research from global leaders in the field, as well as fresh perspectives and new data from up-and-coming experts working in microneedle research and development.

Sessions will feature talks by leading experts on topics including pandemic preparedness, regulatory and quality, vaccines and biologics, global health impact, fabrication and mechanics, diagnostics and sensors, clinical research, therapeutics, sexual and reproductive health, manufacturing, and much more. The multiday program also includes poster and flash presentations, critical development updates, cutting edge academic research insights, networking sessions, and social activities.

Microneedle technology has the potential to foster untold gains in access, efficacy, and adherence for vaccines and essential medicines. PATH’s Center of Excellence for Microarray Patch Technology is mobilizing efforts to accelerate the development of microarray patches for positive health impact in low-resource communities.

Since the inaugural conference held in Atlanta, USA in 2010, the International Conference on Microneedles has been held in Cork, Ireland; Baltimore, USA; London, UK; Vancouver, Canada; and Seoul, South Korea/virtual.

For more information on the conference, please visit the conference website or email MAPs@path.org with any questions.

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