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John Konz

John Konz

Leader, Integrated Portfolio and Financial Management, PATH Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access

John Konz, Ph.D. is the Global Head of Integrated Portfolio and Financial Management (IPFM) within PATH’s Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access. As the IPFM head, he has responsibility for project and knowledge management, project financial administration, and commercialization. He also serves as the project director for novel OPV projects, which aim to develop, license, and prequalify monovalent vaccines against all three polio types in order to help attain and sustain polio eradication.

Dr. Konz has over 20 years of experience in vaccines and biologics development. Prior to joining PATH in 2015, he worked at Merck & Co (MSD outside the United States) in a number of leadership and management roles. These included serving as the Product Development Team leader for the VSV-Ebola, inactivated and live herpes zoster, MMR and varicella vaccine projects, and leading the vaccine process development group. John has a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.