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Securing supply of COVID-19 diagnostics

June 4, 2020 by PATH

Access to quality diagnostic tools is our first line of defense for protecting communities from disease. An extraordinary amount of resources have been mobilized in an attempt to rapidly research, develop, and deploy diagnostic testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, access to quality diagnostic remains a challenge. Newly developed tests have varying or unknown performance and quality, manufacturing capacity is unable to meet global demand, and lower- and middle-income countries have been priced out of available supply. PATH is monitoring these supply insecurities and the needs of clinicians and health providers around the world and is providing guidance and resources to industry partners and countries in order rapidly address these challenges.


  • Neha Agarwal, Senior Commercialization Officer for Diagnostics, PATH
  • David Boyle, Chief Scientific Officer and Diagnostics Program Lead, PATH
  • Elliot Cowan, Principal, Partners in Diagnostics, LLC
  • Sira Thiam Konate, Program Coordinator GHSA, Health Systems Innovation and Delivery, PATH
  • Richard Thayer, Managing Partner at Halteres Associates, LLC

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