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PATH Insights
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5 ways donors power progress in Africa | June 2022

This month we’re bringing you an in-depth look at how philanthropy is powering progress against COVID-19 in Africa, spotlights on Malawi’s health volunteers and “superbug” surveillance in Tanzania, and a case study on internationalizing Vietnam’s COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

Vaccine spotlight | May 2022

On the heels of World Immunization Week, we’re spotlighting vaccine news and work, including an historic vaccination campaign in Bangladesh, leveraging COVID-19 vaccine introduction to strengthen immunization systems, new research on the drivers of vaccine hesitancy, and an exploration of the pandemic’s potential to spur new progress in maternal immunization.

UHC: 5 ways to get there faster | April 2022

This World Health Day we’re bringing you proven ways to power progress toward universal health coverage, insight into groundbreaking tuberculosis tools and systems, ways to strengthen global supply chains, and a firsthand account of the challenges (and promise) of data collection.

New progress, new funding, new leaders | March 2022

This month we’re bringing you a call for caution as Omicron ebbs, new progress from our long-standing partnership with the Lao Ministry of Health, an exciting announcement about a new US funding commitment, and a Q&A with the new team lead for PATH’s Sexual and Reproductive Health program.

Visceral leishmaniasis meets its match | February 2022

This month, we’re sharing promising results from disease elimination efforts in India, an exploration of sector opportunities for sharing data science assets, and a pair of case studies that unpack our work strengthening oxygen systems in Vietnam and advancing a more affordable pneumococcal conjugate vaccine.

Malaria milestones (PHOTOS) + NEW People of PATH | January 2022

This month, PATH Insights brings a year of malaria milestones, new mosquito nets that show promise, and a pair of design specialists improving health in Kenya and Zambia. Plus, PATH experts unpack the efforts behind Malawi’s oxygen road map.

Looking to 2022: Syringe shortage, new tech, and more | December 2021

In this issue of PATH Insights, PATH experts look into what lies ahead: mail-order immunization, computer-diagnosed tuberculosis, HIV community groups helping governments with COVID-19 response. They also unpack the causes and implications of the global syringe shortage.

DUAL, DUP, and DATs | November 2021

This month's PATH Insights features exciting stories of promise and progress in digital health transformation—facilitating knowledge-sharing between countries, using human-centered design processes to leverage the expertise of end-users, and applying digital technologies to improve the quality of services.

Must read: Malaria vaccine, polio eradication, and more | October 2021

This month’s PATH Insights includes an exploration of the malaria vaccine’s potential impact, an explainer on vaccine financing, a long-term strategy for polio eradication, and a look at how sewage surveillance can inform pandemic response.

World leaders must act now | September 2021

In this issue of PATH Insights, we’re bringing you stories that shed light onto the challenges and the urgent call to world leaders assembling at UNGA76: how the world can work toward ending the pandemic; how India is building oxygen systems for the long term; how pregnant people can be included in vaccine research; and how PATH’s own Emmanuel Mugisha advances immunization around the world.

The invisible work of public health | August 2021

In this month’s newsletter, read about how public health progress is made, even in times of crisis: how experts ensure the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, how policies get implemented during a pandemic, and how researchers determine the value of a vaccine.

What is fueling the COVID-19 crisis in Africa? | July 2021

In this issue of PATH Insights, we take a closer look at what’s driving COVID-19 in Africa, how health workers can help optimize vaccine rollout, and Delta’s implications for diagnostic testing.

Can chicken eggs help end the pandemic? | June 2021

In this edition of PATH Insights, we’re looking at how to design pandemic response strategies—from producing and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines to the digital tools that can be leveraged to track a crisis—with affordability and accessibility in mind.

How can we make equitable immunization a reality? | May 2021

This month’s PATH Insights is examining vaccine equity from all angles—from clinical trials and risk assessments to systems infrastructure and safe immunization supplies—exploring what it takes to equitably vaccinate the world.

Special Edition: India’s unprecedented oxygen crisis | April 2021

PATH’s team in India is working side by side with state governments on the COVID-19 response—from procuring oxygen concentrators to supporting greater infrastructure for coronavirus testing.

With new variants, will COVID-19 tests still work? | April 2021

This month, Nikolaj Gilbert advocates for equitable access to medical oxygen; Neha Agarwal and colleagues unveil new variant-specific diagnostic dashboards for health officials; Cathy Ndiaye explains how countries are preparing for mass vaccination; Miren Iturriza-Gomara shares lessons from rotavirus for SARS-CoV-2; and Rachana Parikh and Bhushan Girase highlight the pandemic’s impact on mental health in India.

Brilliant women, transformative work | March 2021

In honor of International Women's Day, these stories celebrate women who have dedicated their careers to public health, and exemplify the leadership and lived experience it takes to move humanity forward.

COVID-19 in 2021 | February 2021

When will we reach herd immunity? Will mRNA vaccines influence vaccine manufacturing? How can the Biden-Harris administration support global public health? Can digital tools decentralize contact tracing?   

The bold plan to defeat meningitis | January 2021

Our articles this month reflect our values—from translating ambitious meningitis proposals into impact and success, to applying innovative technology to control tuberculosis, to speaking out against the hatred and violence that produces many of the inequities we work to address.